Surface Design for Furnishings

Surface design for in-house furnishings collection – Pūhoro Collection. Pūhoro Collection is inspired by the elongated koru also known as the split koru (pictured below) which is typically used in Māori moko (tattoo) re thighs. Pūhoro takes on many formations joining the story of ones life. I wanted to experiment with this design concept with a degree of fusion as I’m Māori and Pākehā (European). A simple depiction of the Pūhoro and meaning is as below:

PUHORO des1  PUHORO des3

(images sourced online)

Pūhoro Collection is available in six colours that match closely to Resene colour paints:

  • Māwhero | Dark Pink (Resene Knockout)
  • Karaka | Orange (Resene Dare Devil)
  • Waiporoporo | Purple (Resene Centre Stage)
  • Kikorangi | Blue (Resene Bowie)
  • Kākāriki | Green (Resene Limerick)
  • Kowhai | Yellow (Resene Switched On)

Project:           Surface Design

Customer:      In-house collection – M A D Maori Art Design Ltd

Year:                2016

Always view a physical sample of a Resene colour paint before making your final choice.

All items are made to order.

© 2016 M A D Maori Art Design® Ltd. All images copyright M A D Maori Art Design™


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