MOA Collection

Introducing our MOA Collection…

The extinct flightless giant bird, the Moa of Aotearoa-New Zealand. Have always been intrigued by the Dinornis / Dinornithiformes / Moa; from old photographs in books and drawings growing up, to the CD cover of the Patea Maori Club… the Moa, to me symbolises therefore epitomises up most strength and overcoming limitations in who we are and choose to be.

Colours inspired by Resene colour paints:

YELLOW / SOUTHERN CROSS / Resene Southern Cross

ORANGE / ADRENALINE / Resene Adrenaline

PINK / SMITTEN / Resene Smitten

PURPLE / CENTRE STAGE / Resene Centre Stage

BLUE / BOWIE / Resene Bowie

GREEN / WHAM / Resene Wham

BLACK / Resene All Black

WHITE / Resene Quarter Wan White

Welcome to visit us online via the link in bio at our selected stores.

Nga mihi

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