Design Partners

M A D Maori Art Design® works with creative businesses to meet our company’s design strategy for surface design applications and interior, fashion and bespoke collections.


For selected design solutions from our M A D Interiors (coming soon), we work with a group of Design Partners to create beautiful interiors and furnishings for your home or office.

Imagine That  |  Inka  |  Glass Art NZ  |  Oscuro  |  Curtain Easy


For our M A D Stores (and in due course M A D Interiors), we are inspired by Resene Paints for our home + décor collections closely matching Resene paint colours making it easier for you to align or contrast your design choices for your home or office spaces.

Resene paint colours and paint colour names are used by M A D MAORI ART DESIGN® Limited with the authorised permission of Resene Paints Limited.

Always view a physical sample of a Resene colour before making your final choice.

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