Do you design and make your products?

M A D Stores

All print designs are designed by M A D Maori Art Design®. All M A D Store products are produced through product sites such as: Red Bubble (AUS, USA), Society 6 (USA), Art Of Where (CAN), Live Heroes (POL), Spoonflower (USA), Sprout Patterns (USA), Roostery (USA), Zazzle (USA), Arts Add (GBR/CHN) and Fashion Formula (GBR) in their respective country of origin to enable us to offer a wider range of lifestyle products to everyone.

M A D Bespoke

For artworks these pieces are made by hand, in-house and subject to availability including exhibitions.

M A D Showroom

All surface designs are created in-house with selected products made either by us, outsourced to New Zealand owned / based manufacturers or by arrangement / licence onto other company designed products. See Design Partners for more information.

Do you wholesale to retailers in New Zealand or offshore?

Not at this time. We look forward to stocking our products with retailers in future. See Trade page for more information.

How do I purchase / order your products?

M A D Stores

Simply hover over the Shop Tab and click onto any of our product site stores under M A D Stores to make your purchase.

M A D Bespoke + M A D Showroom

  1. Contact us with your chosen item(s) as selected under the Shop Tab.
  2. Once we receive your email, we will reply confirming your purchase and request your delivery details.
  3. Once we receive your delivery details, we will then send you your invoice for payment.
  4. Once payment is made we will send an email acknowledgement and forward a proposed ETA on your item(s).
  5. Once your item(s) are completed and or ready for collection by our trusted courier, we will send you an email informing you of this along with your paid copy of the invoice.

See our Terms + Conditions for more information.

Do you have an Ecommerce Flagship Store for shopping?

Yes, however our online store is closed at this time until we can set up again. Coming back soon…

You are welcome to shop online at our M A D Stores in the meantime.

Do you carry stock on hand?

Our design products are made-to-order both in-house (M A D Bespoke, selected categories under M A D Showroom) and offshore (M A D Stores).

Our artworks are subject to availability or by exhibition.

How long does it take to produce and deliver a product?

M A D Stores

For our M A D Store products, please see links to the respective product sites we use for production and delivery details:

Spoonflower   Sprout Patterns   Roostery   Art Of Where   Society 6   Live Heroes   Red Bubble  Zazzle  Arts Add  Fashion Formula

M A D Bespoke

All artworks are made by hand and are subject to availability or by exhibition. When artworks become available, these will be ready for instant purchasing.

M A D Showroom

Lampshades are made-to-order with a general lead time estimated at 2 – 6 weeks. Back orders will have an additional lead time to general lead time, estimated at a further 2 – 6 weeks unless otherwise discussed.

Upholstery fabric (in-house) is print-to-order in New Zealand with a general lead time estimated at 2-6 weeks, unless otherwise discussed. Selected designs maybe printed by our Spoonflower for Roostery, Fashion Formula or Art Of Where offshore stores. General lead time estimated at 2-8 weeks including freight.

Drapery is made-to-order in New Zealand with a general lead time estimated at 4-10 weeks, unless otherwise discussed with our manufacturer.

Splash-backs are made-to-order in New Zealand with a general lead time estimated at 4-8 weeks depending on manufacturer and distributor consultation.

Decorative Window Film is custom designed, print-to-order in New Zealand with a general lead time estimated at 2-6 weeks.

Wallpaper is print-to-order offshore from our Spoonflower for Roostery, Fashion Formula stores with a general lead time estimated at 2-8 weeks including freight.

An average turnaround time frame of 2 – 10 weeks variably across our showroom offering, is due to:

  • fabric availability, queued and actual printing of fabric, queued and actual production of product (New Zealand, Offshore).
  • queued and actual graphic design time, queued and actual time for production of product, not including installation (New Zealand).

Do you accommodate custom made / special requests?

Contact us with ‘Custom Made’ or ‘Special Requests’ in the subject line along with your contact details. We will do our best to accommodate your request however it may not be feasible at the current time.