Our Story



M A D Maori Art Design® was formed in 2007 as a interior design company. In 2015, M A D Maori Art Design® became a retailer offering in-house design collections via their online store launch.

Since 2015, the focus has been on building the business and identity as one of New Zealand’s lifestyle brands. Christina envisions M A D Maori Art Design® becoming a major contributing archiver of New Zealand visual culture: celebrating New Zealand’s heritage, indigenous and contemporary art and design.

Managing Director, Designer and Artist

Christina ClarkeChristina Clarke has been the Managing Director since 2007 and Designer since 2009 for M A D Maori Art Design®. Christina has held various roles in fashion, children’s and interior design companies within New Zealand, including her prior fashion business, DSYN 2001-2009.

Christina is a registered Pae Tahi Maori Design Practitioner with Ngā Aho, a national network of Maori Design Professionals represented in fields across the creative industries.

Currently Christina lives in Wellington, New Zealand working as a Surface Designer and Artist. She divides her time between her creative roles and building M A D Maori Art Design®.